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    Intelligent filter type reactive power compensation module





    HF series intelligent filter type reactive power compensation module is composed of intelligent measurement and control unit, intelligent zero passage for relay, intelligent protection unit, self-healing type low voltage power capacitor, dry series reactor to form a complete intelligent compensation unit independently. It is replacement of intelligent reactive power controller, fuse (or micro), thyristor switch or contactor, thermal relay, lamp, low voltage power capacitor, dry series reactor various dispersion device of automatic reactive compensation devices that have been assembled.

    Products are mainly applied in serious harmonic situation of reactive power compensation, it running reliable, does not cause resonance or harmonic amplification effect, and to a certain extent, it can eliminate harmonic functions. One product 7% concatenated reactor used in main harmonic for 5 times electric environment, concatenated 13% reactor products used in the main harmonic electrical environment for 3 times.

    2.Product introduction

    HF intelligent filter type reactive power compensation module is new product, designed for high harmonic content, conventional intelligent reactive compensation capacitor can not run normally the product. It can meet requirement of compensation of reactive power, improve power factor, and no amplification of harmonic,it has harmonic absorption function a certain extent.

    2.1Product appearance and model description

    Note:Which product’s reactance rate is 7% is used for 5 times or more high harmonic content high places;

    Reactance rate for 14% of the products are mainly used for 3 times or more higher harmonic content.

    2.2Product specification

    3.Product appearance and installation size

    3.1 7% reactance type appearance and installation size

    3.2 14 % reactance type appearance and installation size


    Table 1. three phase type liquid crystal display interface

    Table 2.split phase type liquid crystal display interface

    Note: the type of protective action in Chinese: over voltage, under voltage and over temperature.

    3.Product features

    Modular structure

    The intelligent capacitor is modular structure, small size, simple wiring and convenient maintenance. Only need to increase the number of modules to achieve the expansion of reactive power compensation system

    zero crossing

    Zero switching function by the core device intelligent zero switching relay to achieve zero voltage switching, zero current cut, that is, zero crossing, reduce system power consumption. So the capacitor switching process has no inrush current, no cutting off voltage and no burning arc.

    Protection function

    The intelligent capacitor has the functions of over voltage, under voltage, voltage loss protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection and so on, which can effectively protect the safety of the capacitor and extend the life of the equipment.

    Low voltage power capacitor temperature protection is one of the important fuction, working power supply voltage is too high, the environment temperature is too high will seriously affect it’s service life. Setting temperature protection can quit running if inner temperature is over-data.

    control technology

    Switching criterion for power factor and reactive power, reactive power and delay prediction by multi point sampling technique, the power factor is lower than the set value, according to the difference of reactive power control switching load switching to ensure classification of vacancies, no oscillation. When re-load reactive power is fully compensated

    Intelligent network function

    Adopt intelligent network technology,constructs 485 communication network, a plurality of capacitor in parallel, automaticly generate a network, master host has the smallest address code, othersare are slave hosts, they  construct reactive power automatic control system. Individual slave host quit from malfuction, it will not effects others hosts work,. If master host quits from malfuction, then emerges new master host, construct new system.

    High quality power capacitor

    Intelligent capacitor elements adopts gradual thickening of silver zinc coating process, silver zinc coating has good conductivity and stability, at the same time thickness proportional to current density, so the calorific value is small and uniform at work, greatly improve the capacity of the stability of the low voltage power capacitor, little attenuatio.

    Hybird compensation function

    Hybird compensation function

    Split phase compensation can be realized. In unbalanced three-phase environment, combined with a split phase and three-phase, according to each phase vacancy situation to cut three-phase saperately, reach reactive power optimization.

    reactive power gap size,

    The filter function

    Effective to restrain high harmonic currents of the formation of a low impedance path higher harmonic. To absorb the relief effects of harmonic, eliminates the influence of the higher harmonic mitigation to capacitor, and suppress the harmonic current and flicker current, protect capacitor and circuit from overload, prevent capacitor from overheating, dielectric aging, self-healing performance, reduce the service life.

    Easy installation and maintenance

    HF series intelligent filter installed reactive compensation module is designed as a seater type, modular structure, flexible combination, expansion is convenient, in the low-voltage cabinet installation is simple, easy to maintain.

    High quality dry series reactor

    Products of dry series reactor is small volume, light weight, high quality, low temperature rise, low power consumption, and has high temperature classification, can ensure the reactor run safetly at high temperature .

    4. Environment condition

    (1) Temperature: - 45 ℃ ~ 55 ℃.

    (2) Relative humidity: At 40 ℃  20 ~ 90%;

    (3) Altitude: ≤2000 m;

    Power supply condition.

    1) working voltage: ±20% rated voltage;

    2) power consumption: < 0.5 W (cut capacitor),

    (< 5 w run capacitor).

    Electrical safety

    Clearance and creepage distance, dielectric strength, the strength of security protection, short circuit, sampling and control circuit protection are in line with the law of the People's Republic of China power industry standard GB/T22582-2008<< Low voltage power factor compensation device of power capacitor>> corresponding terms.

    Measurement tolerance

    1) voltage: ≤0.5%  (in 80 ~ 120% of the rated voltage range).

    0.5% or less (within 20% ~ 120% rated current);

    2) current: ≤1% (within 5% ~ 20% rated current),

    3) power: 1% or less;

    4) temperature: + / - 1 ℃.

    Perotection tolerance

    1) voltage: 0.5% or less;

    3) temperature: + / - 1 ℃;

    1) voltage: ≤0.5%

    2) current: 1.0% or less;

    3) temperature: + / - 1 ℃;

    4) time: + / - 0.01 s.

    Zero switching on-off switches

    1) zero for migration degree: 2.5 ° or less;

    2) voltage impact resistance: p AC2500V (DC4000V);

    Reactive power control parameters

    1)Reactive power control tolerance: minimum capacitor capacity of 75% or less;

    2) reactive power capacity: single (40) or less Kvar (three-phase), 20 or less kvar (phase).

    Reliability parameters

    1) control accuracy: 100%;

    2) capacitor capacity run time attenuation rate: 1% / year or less;

    3) capacitor capacity for attenuation rate: 0.1% or less/ten thousand times;

    4) the annual failure rate: 0.1% or less.

    5.electrical wiring and mechanical installation

    Electrical wiring:

    UA, UB, UC (three phase compensation) or UA, UB, UC, UN (split phase compensation) : connect power busrb respectively, generally use 1616mm2 multiply core copper wire;

    Signal lines: adopt RS485 communications node, has two groups of signal products, internal in parallel, two groups is for convenient parallel connection

    External indicator terminal (product at the back of the blue terminal 1, 2, 3) : fill 1 # terminals, common termination match B phase voltage,  Split termination respectively by 1 #, 2 #, 3 # terminals, public termination zero line.

    Mechanical installation:

    Product adopts horizontal installation, according to the size of the installation of the product, configurated corresponding bracket and fixed hole in the electrical cabinet, then use the fastener fix it in the electrical cabinet.

    6.Typical applicate case diagram design

    8.In order to facilitate debugging, intelligent filter type reactive power compensation module increases the debugging, specific operation method is as follows:

    Under the condition of electricity cutoff, intelligent filter type reactive power compensation module panel dial a switch to "strong" position, the electric transmission intelligent filter type reactive power compensation is simulated for module debugging by default state, not practical for capacitor. But remember: after finish testing power, should be a switch to "automatic" position.

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